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When you are facing charges for white collar crimes in El Paso, the impact on your life can be severe. The attorney you choose to defend you will be the most critical decision you make in this process. A conviction for a white collar crime in El Paso will have serious consequences and can be devastating to your life. If you work in the medical field or in a government position, a conviction is something you need to avoid at all costs. During this time, it is extremely important to contact a white collar crimes attorney that will be non judgmental and fight for your best interests. 

Common Types of White Collar Crimes in El Paso

All White Collar Crimes have unique circumstances that need to be accounted for before moving forward with a defense strategy. White Collar crimes are typically tried in federal court and can be very complex to navigate. Some of the White Collar cases we handle are:

  • Fraud: An intentional deception with the purposes of unlawful gain, typically financial gain. 
  • Insurance Fraud: The illegal act of selling insurance policies from non existent companies, failing to submit premiums or churning policies to create more commissions. Buyer fraud consists of exaggerated claims, falsifying medical records, faked death or post dated policies.
  • Credit Card Fraud: The unauthorized use of a credit or debit card to fraudulently obtain money or property. 
  • Bank Fraud: When someone tries to take funds or other assets from a financial institution or from customers of that institution.
  • Embezzlement: When a person or entity misappropriated the assets entrusted to him or her. The embezzler would be attaining assets lawfully but then would be using the assets for unintended purposes. 
  • Money Laundering: The act of making large amounts of money generated by criminal activity appear to have come from a legitimate source. 
  • Identity Theft: When one person obtains the personal or financial information of another person and uses that information to commit fraud. 
  • Extortion: The wrongful use of force or threatened force to gain money or property from an individual or entity.  
  • Bribery: The illegal act of exchanging something of value with the purpose of influencing the behavior of public officials. 
  • Blackmail: Blackmail is a form of Extortion where rather than physical harm occurring, the exposure of damaging information is the threat.  

If you or a loved one have been charged with any of these cases, it is important that you reach out to us immediately to get a free consultation. 

White Collar Crimes Lawyer in El Paso

Alyssa Nava is a former prosecuting attorney that helps the people of El Paso against white collar crime charges. With a wide range of experience in white collar cases, Alyssa Nava is able to properly defend her clients and get the best results possible based on the charges. Take advantage of our free consultation by contacting us today. 

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